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Commercial site Design

Toilet Cubicle
​is using in commerical site.
      Toilet Cubicle  in commercial wet  area has high frequency using. Normally, it is necessary of selecting moisture resistant and chemical proved material.
     The material of our toilet cubicle have two parts: one is panel, and another is  hardware. There are many options, such as  made of phenolic board, particle board, honeycomb , besides, we are on developing aluminium honeycomb which is even lighter and better. 
Each different board has its hardware to comply with. we have stainless steel , aluminium , zinc alloy and nylon system to customers' selection.
     For more than 20 years of experience in this field, Jestt Renovation Co., Ltd is proud of bring world class products and in time installation to our customers.

      We also export hardware or special board to overseas, our sales services include autocad drawing to architects, designers and end users.


Your Satisfaction is our goal


New Invention /Patented

Green Partition

This Product is a new invention for toilet cubicle.
Auto watering system go with the railing. Each water tube has its own valve which control certain amount of water for each individual hanging plant.

We are willing to sell know how of this patened product to overseas, if you are interesting to cooperate with us, please feel free to contact us.


Glass Cubicle 

5+5 mm Tempered Glass with HEWI's Nylon hardware in grade PA6 and PA12, which is anti bacterial  and uv proved.

The surface color can last longer than other material under sunlight.

Besides, There are many colors for customers selection.


Colors from HEWI 


Printing Glass Cubicle
5+5mm tempered glass inserting uv printing paper is a good idea of using in toilet cubicle.
* Many options for its hardware

* Panting is custom made


Phenolic Board

13mm HPL Board has many different hardware to select. Such as HEWI hardware , stainless steel, or zinc alloy




Particle Board

* 22mm V313 particle board is moiesture resistant which is suitable for washroom area.
The Board is imported from Europe and meet the test of EN321

* All its hardware are 304 Stainless Steel.

Other Boards


* 35mm honeycomb

* Formed Board

* Vinly Board


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